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Ream of 500 Sheets White Tissue

RRP: £18.50
Our Price: £8.99

Acid free tissue paper 450x700mm (Approx 18x28") - White. 500 sheets per ream. Cares for your products. Suitable for all uses. Acid-Free Tissue Paper avoids any contamination problems: In the course of transport or time most tissue paper will become acidic and even brittle with age. More importantly the acidity will transfer to adjacent objects causing these objects to become weaker and possibly discolored. Acid free tissue papers are specially processed to remove such contaminants. Therefore, it is suggested that a safe pH acid free tissue paper be purchased for any items you are concerned reach their destination unspoilt - especially goods such as textile or costume storage, giftware, jewellery, books, photos, and many other products. Tissue allows a three dimensional shape within packaging or to prevent abrasion between surfaces of items both in transit and storage