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Pk 25 CD Mailers

RRP: £17.50
Our Price: £11.00

Padded bags just don't offer enough protection. If you are sending a CD or DVD in a jewel case to a client the last thing you want is for them to open your pack and be greeted with a shattered jewel case. Our CD/DVD mailers are fast and easy to use, they protect your valuable discs and have multiple sealing modes to hold 1, 2, 3, or 4 discs at a time

Supplied in packs of 25 mailers.

QTY: 25

Simply place your required quantity on the base of the mailer, fold in the two protector ends, roll until closed, peel the paper off the end and seal the mailer closed.  Its quick, simple, and you don't have any effort like taping to do. 

A corrugated cardboard enclosure specially designed to ship CDs by post, the mailer will safely transport between 1 and 4 compact discs. A self seal enclosure makes the mailer easy to use and secure in transit.